Symphony of Destruction


И Г Р О В Ы Е_ Д Е Т А Л И
Время, дата и погода:
2006 год; 14:00-16:00; Понедельник. Солнце полностью скрылось за тучками и не представляет никакой угрозы для особенных жителей Форкса. Часть горожан отсиживаются в теплых домах либо в уютных кафешках. Но самые упрямые не привыкли обращать внимание на погоду и гуляют по улицам, радуя парки яркой одеждой. Парочки наслаждаются друг-другом, девушки рассказывают свежие сплетни, юноши устраивают бессмысленные споры. Оживлены магазины, все пытаются развеять скуку.
Ник: Symphony Пароль: 666999

Д О Б Р О _ П О Ж А Л О В А Т Ь
•Здраствуй! Ты попал на очередную ролевую по Вампирской саге Symphony of Destruction. Мы уже существуем 1 год и 6 месяцев. Ролевая со своим интересным сюжетом и персонажами.
•Так же на ролевой уже началась игра и в скором времени мы будет уже отыгрывать первый квет.
Рейтинг: NC-17
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Нам срочно требуются: Эдвард Каллен(!!), Джаспер Хейл, Эммет Каллен, персонажи акций и многие другие...(Просьба ники регистрировать на английском). И еще, неканоны вампиры и оборотни запрещены - смотрите в акции, там есть все.
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WARNING: The project I'm talking about opened in mid-February. It is possible to invest in it now, but read carefully. What is described in the text - it is a scheme of earnings, in which the risk was only with my personal money and the money of a friend!

Why this project?

In search of fast money completely by accident I stumbled on a fresh project. In my personal opinion, all signs of a Hyip project (@inTGBlockchain_BOT), but I am not sure about it, perhaps something related to bidding and investment, the full picture I have not managed to uncover, I can only share the results. And communication with bot like this in telegram is new for me.

About multaccounts

Probably everyone has played an MMORPG. And everyone was inspired by the idea to create his own bot to gain level, to get more time than other players! That's how Multi-Accounts were born and they exploited the system mercilessly, increasing the requirements for adequate players.
Projects similar to the one I'm describing are also famous for multi-accounts, which are created by crafty users. And this is our case. But big brother is watching you, and any ill-considered action can lead to a fatal mistake! Usually, the administration of the project completely demolishes both the leaders of the structures and their accounts. Funds can be considered as lost. But this project is not, at least for now. The authors do not limit the users in investing, and even invented not a few ways to spur the rate of earnings, but about that later.
The only question is how to simulate the storm of investment activity without attracting the attention of the administration? By identifying the maximum vulnerability, we have developed a whole scheme, involving active and passive ways of income!

Building the scheme

For our task were identified such data as: an input of $ 10 per account, scattered on different blocks and ready, expect profits of a minimum of $ 20, and a maximum of $ 80, and all within 1-2 days. Sounds kind of unrealistic even at this stage, doesn't it?


The project accepts payment through a huge number of cryptocurrencies, which facilitates the task of replenishment dozens of times! Firstly we already had money on TRX wallets on different exchanges with my buddy. In total we had about 2000$ (little spoiler, now there is already 10 000$ and we continue investing in bot without any fear, because we recouped our investments in 5 times)
20-30 main telegram accounts. From them we registered in @inTGBlockchain_BOT and were active building our own structure by referral links;
We registered from 1 to 10 new accounts in @inTGBlockchain_BOT daily, recording our structure in a separate Excel table and saving our referral links there;
All registrations were made with Tor-browser, we kept separate tables, which account was created under someone, confirmed e-mail and payeer accounts (where we were withdrawing earned money at first, as it turned out, the withdrawal is automatic for any crypto-wallet, which is also very convenient);
For each new account, we poured $ 10 and distributed by blocks, the blocks were different, you could buy 10 blocks of $ 1, and you could buy 2 for $ 5, or only 1 block for $ 10;
On behalf of each investor we left referral links on various platforms - the most effective was to spread links on the forums of gamblers and social networks in special communities.
The initial process took us 1 day, and the first net profit went to 3 days. According to our terms, we gave business 3-4 hours a day, but every day it was a different time. All these activities were aimed only at one thing - as quickly as possible to build up their own structure and start generating revenue.
The most difficult - it was to invite more and more new investors in the project, but the task is quite achievable, especially since we played for a large, and you can not take the risk and check our strategy for $ 10-20 using 2-3 Telegram accounts.

The result of our investment

We had a few rules: we use only sum of $2000, no reinvestments, we withdraw from the most profitable accounts as soon as the withdrawal allows, and we send other accounts for reinvestment and expansion.
We had 12 teams, each of which had up to 20 pseudo-leaders and 5 times more bots;
Our scheme has been working successfully for almost a month without any losses, which is actually unbelievable for us! The project continues to grow and attract new contributors, and we already have a net profit of $8000.
I took my $ 1000 (of the original investment). I bought ether for 500$ and the other part was fixed in profit in USDT, if anyone is interested, I am solving the question about the rest of money now. My buddy decided to send his part to reinvestment, and I'm not used to risk too much. However, his indicators now are better than mine, because the system allows to withdraw money instantly.


The scheme with multi-accounts is quite simple, but you have to follow a certain algorithm. If you approach the process responsibly, then any projects will be a source of semi-passive income for you with a minimum of effort, the main thing is to use affiliate links. The most important thing is that the project @inTGBlockchain_BOT, worked for a month and is not going to close. Good luck with your investments and profitable work on the Internet.



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